Pickleball Court Dimensions Illustrated

How big is a pickleball court? Small enough that you can get to most shots with three steps and a lunge but large enough that you might run around a little bit, that’s how big a pickleball court is.

But just in case you’re interested in building your own pickleball court in your driveway or backyard, take a look at the sketch below for more exacting measurements.

The dimensions of a pickleball court with stick figures for scale

You can get a good idea of the dimensions from the illustration above, but for all avoidance of doubt:

Sideline44 feet
Baseline20 feet
Center 15 feet
Kitchen (non-volley zone)7 feet
Service areas10 feet
Net height3 feet at ends, 34 inches at center
Pickleball court dimensions in a table

Generally speaking, playing doubles requires more quickness than long-distance running. You’ll be dashing forward and back a fair amount, with the occasional lunge thrown in for good measure.

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